The Recession-Resistant Nature of Self-Storage Investments

Few asset classes have consistently demonstrated resilience during economic downturns as self-storage facilities have.

Self Storage's Economic Resilience

Economic recessions often lead to life transitions, such as downsizing homes or businesses reducing office space. According to data from the National Self Storage Association, during the 2008 financial crisis, while many sectors faced declines, self-storage facilities saw increased occupancy rates, underlining their counter-cyclical nature.

Operational Efficiency and Profit Margins

A comprehensive study by the Self Storage Association highlighted that these facilities typically maintain an operating expense ratio of just 25%-40%. This lean operational model ensures that even with a slight dip in occupancy, profitability remains intact.

Compared to other real estate assets, self-storage facilities require minimal upkeep and renovation. This translates to lower capital expenditure and consistent cash flows, even during economic challenges.

Adaptive Pricing Models:

The inherent month-to-month leasing structure of self-storage units allows operators to adjust pricing dynamically based on demand. Data from the Self Storage Economic Report indicates that during economic downturns, facilities often offer promotions or discounts, ensuring a steady influx of new renters and retention of existing ones.

Diverse Clientele Base:

The clientele of self-storage facilities varies, ranging from individuals storing personal belongings to businesses housing inventory. Data from the Self Storage Demand Study shows that during recessions, while individual usage might slightly decline, business usage often increases, providing a balanced demand.


The empirical evidence is compelling: self-storage investments are uniquely positioned to weather economic uncertainties. Their operational efficiency, adaptive pricing models, diverse clientele base, and strategic locations make them a standout asset class. For investors seeking stability amidst economic volatility, self-storage facilities offer a promising avenue.

Jeremiah Boucher, a self-storage industry expert, has rapidly built an impressive 1.5 million square foot portfolio consisting of 61 properties in just 7 years. Specializing in suburban and exurban properties, he has successfully navigated the market by purchasing directly from original mom-and-pop owners. Jeremiah provides valuable insights, lessons learned, and strategies for finding and financing deals, providing invaluable guidance for those interested in exploring the lucrative self-storage sector.