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Welcome to the Self-Storage University Podcast, where you will learn the correct way to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, renegotiate, finance, turn-around and operate self-storage facilities. And your host is a partner in one of the largest real estate portfolios in the U.S. with nearly $1 billion of holdings, Frank Rolfe.

Episode 102: How To Set The Interest Rate On A Seller-carry Note
Episode 101: How To Be Attractive To Banks
Episode 100: The Power Of Stress-testing
Episode 99: The Fundamentals Of Working With Contractors
Episode 99: Getting Ready For The Commercial Lending Apocolypse
Episode 98: The Problem With Cash
Episode 97: What Happens When You Combine Direct Mail And Cold Calling
Episode 96: The Necessity Of Locating Utilities
Episode 95: Dare To Be Different In Direct Mail
Episode 94: The Importance of “Time On The Market”
Episode 93: Can A Novice Really Get The Attention Of A Broker?
Episode 92: In Praise Of Recessions
Episode 91: Tips On Surveys
Episode 90: Getting Creative On Negotiating The Price
Episode 89: The Different Ways To Assume A Loan
Episode 88: The Different Types Of Capital Partners
Episode 87: When Will Higher Interest Rates Lead To Distressed Deals To Buy?
Episode 86: Does UPS And UAW Mean Your Are In Trouble?
Episode 85: The Best And Worst Too To Make Or Lose Money
Episode 84: Understanding The Art Of Persuasion
Episode 83: How To Find A Bank
Episode 82: Paving Scams And How To Avoid Them
Episode 81: A Tale Of Two Cities
Episode 80: Tips On Wrap Notes
Episode 79: The Impact Of Negative Population Growth
Episode 78: The Strengths Of Storage Revisited 50 Years Later
Episode 77: The Difference Between An Amateur And A Professional
Episode 76: All About On-line Listings
Episode 75: How To Avoid Term Default
Episode 74: Negotiation Practice Options
Episode 73: Bad Broker Benefits
Episode 72: The Impact of Higher Single-Family Mortgage Rates
Episode 71: Creative Down Payments
Episode 70: Postcards Or Letters?
Episode 69: When Values Meet A Stone Wall
Episode 68: Buying An Asset Vs. Buying An Entity
Episode 67: When Do You Call It Quits On A Contractor
Episode 66: Bubbles And Baths
Episode 65: How to Get a Variance
Episode 64: The Impact of Higher Interest Rates
Episode 63: Should You Sit It Out?
Episode 62: The Right Perspective For Cold Calling
Episode 61: When In Doubt Press Farther Out
Episode 60: Thoughts On Signing A Broker NDA
Episode 59: Using Tools To Predict A Location’s Future
Episode 58: Asset Vs. Entity
Episode 57: Going Where The Water’s Deep Without Drowning
Episode 56: All About Finding Target Properties With Direct Mail
Episode 55: Synergy Vs. Diversity In Portfolio Building
Episode 54: The Taxman Cometh
Episode 53: What Would Benjamin Franklin Say?
Episode 52: The Right And Wrong Way To Collect Rent
Episode 51: Pushing The Seller Over The Top To Sign Your Contract
Episode 50: Occupancy, Rents And Their Often Inverse Relationship
Episode 49: The Dangers Of Non-Traditional Financing
Episode 48: The Impact of 8%+ Inflation
Episode 47: Cars And Managers
Episode 46: More Bad News For Urban Storage Owners
Episode 45: Can I Get Pre-Approved?
Episode 44: When Should You Stretch?
Episode 43: Don’t Listen To “Experts” On Cap Rates And Potential Occupancy
Episode 42: Overcoming The Fear of Progress
Episode 41: “Hard Money” Creates Hard Decisions
Episode 40: Nice People Finish Last
Episode 39: Financing And Time: A Dysfunctional Union
Episode 38: Why A Paper Trail Is Essential
Episode 37: Why It’s Ok To Think For Yourself
Episode 36: The Changing American Investment Map
Episode 35: How “Sticky” Are Your Customers?
Episode 34: Understanding B. Wayne Hughes
Episode 33: How To Successfully Weather Interest Rate Fluctuations
Episode 32: Why You Can’t Trust “Research Reports”
Episode 31: Why Storage Cap Rates Are Going Up And How To Protect Yourself
Episode 30: Why Managers Go Bad And How To Mitigate The Risks
Episode 29: Understanding Property Tax
Episode 28: The Impact of Inflation on Self-Storage Investing
Episode 27: Structuring Partnership Profit Splits
Episode 26: The Truth About Debt Assumption
Episode 25: The Basics of Hiring And Firing Employees
Episode 24: All About Working With Brokers
Episode 23: Why You Can’t Fully Delegate Your Diligence
Episode 22: When Dust Gathers On A Deal, The Options Become More Interesting
Episode 21: Think Like A Banker
Episode 20: Let's Get Creative
Episode 19: Should You Use An Online Auction On Unpaid Units?
Episode 18: Building A Successful Deal Funnel
Episode 17: The Simple Way To Make The Final Decision On Buying A Storage Property
Episode 16: A Person Has To Know Their Limitations
Episode 15: The Power of Bonding In Attaining Great Storage Deals
Episode 14: Storage Contract
Episode 13: Storage Books Are Lousy
Episode 12: Understanding Vacancy
Episode 11: Six Steps To Reducing Your Liability Exposure
Episode 10: Hidden, Visible And Suspenseful Deal Killers
Episode 9: Nobody Ever Made Money Hanging Out With Rich People
Episode 8: Understanding Seller Financing
Episode 7: Four Things My Banker Taught Me
Episode 6: A Reminder On What Customers Really Want
Episode 5: Old-Fashioned Theories That Still Work Well Today
Episode 4: Any Idiot Can Buy A Storage Facility – And Many Do
Episode 3: Debt And How To Get It
Episode 2: How Much You Can Make – Defined
Episode 1: Why Buy A Storage Facility?