The February 2020 Self Storage Investing Newsletter

How To Properly Engage A Contractor For Your Storage Facility

Your roll-up door broke off. The electric is flickering in a unit. There’s a roof leak. All of these events require hiring a contractor to make the needed repairs. But how do you do that? Here’s how to properly engage a contractor in a storage facility.

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When Is A Self Storage Cap Rate Too Low?

When you look at most listings for storage facilities, you will note that a common term used to describe them is their “cap rate”. So what is a “cap rate” and how do you know when it’s too high or too low?

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How To Negotiate With A Self Storage Seller: A Primer

Nothing can make or break your deal more than improper negotiation. You can do the greatest analysis and have terrific operational skills but you’ll never own a storage property if you can’t agree to a price the seller will sign the contract at. So what are the main skill sets required to be a great negotiator?

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