The January 2023 Self Storage Investing Newsletter

Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 69 - When Values Meet A Stone Wall

Many believe that self-storage facility prices are infinitely negotiable as long as the seller and buyer agree to a price. But that’s simply not true. In this Self-Storage University podcast, we’re going to discuss how the banking industry ultimately fixes values and how to embrace and follow these guidelines instead of wasting time pushing along deals that will never be able to get financed.

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How Low Will The Seller Go?

When buying a self-storage property, you always want to get the best deal you can. And a big part of that is how low a price the seller will accept. Are there any signs of what direction that will go? How can you guess how low a seller will go?

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 68 - Buying An Asset Vs. Buying An Entity

Some sellers may want you to buy the entity that owns their property and not the property itself. Can you do that? In this Self-Storage University podcast we’re going to drill down on the concept of buying an entity, what can go wrong with that concept, and how to mitigate that risk.

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