The March 2020 Self Storage Investing Newsletter

When Expanding Or Building A New Storage Facility, A Rendering Is Better Than A Photo

Sometimes a photo can tall a thousand words. But sometimes none of those words are what you really want to say. That’s why developers have long used renderings when presenting ideas to city government and the public. But why not simply use photo mock-ups?

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How To Make Your Storage Facility Manager More Effective

What is a self-storage manager? Well, more than just someone who exchanges a lease for a check. In fact, your manager is your ambassador, mayor, chief marketing officer all rolled into one. So how can you help to make your storage manager more effective in your duties?

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Is There Value In Adding A Novelty Item To Your Self Storage Facility Frontage?

We’re all big kids – we love to see roadside attractions. Perhaps it’s because it breaks the monotony of the American road, or maybe it’s because we enjoy the humor and splendor of these unique creations. But would it be a good idea to add some unusual sparkle to your self-storage facility?

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