The March 2023 Self Storage Investing Newsletter

Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 73 - Bad Broker Benefits

Not all real estate brokers are created equal, and some display their deficient skills – yet there is benefit from these brokers if you hang in there. In this Self-Storage University podcast, we will review the benefits of bad brokers and offer suggestions on harnessing their positive features to better find a self-storage property that meets your goals.

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 72 - The Impact of Higher Single-Family Mortgage Rates

Single-family home mortgage rates have risen faster in the past twelve months than at any time in the past 40 years. What’s the impact of this event on the self-storage industry? In this Self-Storage University podcast, we’re going to drill down on the granular effect of these higher rates and payments and come to some conclusions on where the opportunities and problems are.

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From 0 To 1.5 Million sq/ft: The Story Jeremiah Boucher

Jeremiah Boucher started with a dream and made that into a 1.5 million square foot self-storage portfolio of 61 properties in only 7 years. In this Self-Storage University discussion, we review how Jeremiah found and financed his deals, as well as what his thoughts and lessons learned are regarding investing in the self-storage sector. Hosting this discussion is Frank Rolfe, who has amassed over a $1 billion portfolio of real estate assets – with his partner Dave Reynolds – which includes self-storage holdings. Frank also started with just one property and offers his views on the storage niche. Jeremiah has achieved this level of success by focusing on the fertile sector of self-storage – suburban and exurban properties which you can buy directly from the original moms and pops – and avoiding the urban, often multi-story properties that are now faced with declining markets, rents, and occupancy.

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