The October 2020 Self Storage Investing Newsletter

Control Your Self-Storage Facility Calls And Control Your Future

The life’s blood of a self-storage property’s occupancy is the calls coming in from prospective customers. All of your marketing is contingent upon what happens when the phone rings. Yet too many storage owners cede control over their important conduit to the manager, without adequate safeguards. So how can a self-storage facility owner take control over that phone line?

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 11 - Six Steps To Reducing Your Liability Exposure

We live in an extremely litigious world, and self-storage owners are no different. All it takes today is the slightest mistake and you can immediately receive a lawsuit in the mail or person. So how can you protect yourself and your storage facility from these type of attacks?

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Constructing A Successful Self-Storage Collections Ritual

Like any business, self-storage owners cannot succeed without collecting their rent each month. To make this possible, smart owners build a “collections ritual” that influences the action steps they take and help shield them from liability and failure in getting the necessary funds. So what are some ideas for a successful “collections ritual”?

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The Stats Are Coming In Post-Covid, And The Future Of Self-Storage Investment Has Changed Significantly

America changed in March of this year, when the acknowledged arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic rattled the U.S. population with self-quarantine followed by urban riots and unrest. On top of that, many of the activities that we had all learned to enjoy (dining out, movies, theater, shopping) suddenly ceased to exist in the manner they had before. This ushered in what is now known as the “Great Reshuffling” by – which refers to the population moving from urban to more suburban and rural markets.

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Self-Storage Property Tax From A To Z

There’s an old saying that you can’t escape from death and taxes. And one of those taxes is “property tax” which is the amount you will pay annually for your storage facility. While the concept of property tax may seem complicated, it’s pretty simple when you understand the format. So here’s a quick review of self-storage property tax from A to Z.

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 10 - Hidden, Visible And Suspenseful Deal Killers

Every self-storage facility you put under contract does not end in a successful purchase. Many times the deal will die quickly with cursory inspection, and others make it all the way to the finish line before they get cancelled. In this Self-Storage University podcast we’re going to discuss hidden deal killers, visible deal killers and suspenseful killers that sometimes pop up right at the end. It’s important that you understand these issues and embrace their meaning as opposed to buying a deal that will not work.

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Small And Large Buyers Of Self-Storage Are Now On Equal Footing

Traditionally, larger buyers of self-storage facilities always viewed themselves as having an edge when it came to lending and negotiating. They thought they could get lower interest rates and better terms than smaller buyers and use that as a weapon against them. However, the Covid-19 changes to the self-storage industry have rendered a new era in which the big companies have no advantage over the small.

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