The October 2021 Self Storage Investing Newsletter

Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 38 - Why A Paper Trail Is Essential

A “paper trail” is not a paperboy’s route, but an essential part of running your storage facility. So how do you properly “paper” your property? That’s the topic of this Self-Storage University podcast. If you want to minimize potential litigation and its sources, then having a system to document all issues is essential.

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 37 - Why It’s Ok To Think For Yourself

Every smug “expert” tells you the science behind investing, and makes out like they have all the answers. However, the truth is that nobody knows what’s better for you … than you. Since we are all the masters of our own destiny, isn’t it time you trust in your own decision-making over all others? That’s the topic of this Self-Storage University podcast in which we discuss why you are the best authority on your future and some tools to help build your confidence in making those tough decisions.

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Store Your Wealth in a Self-Storage Facility

People keep money in gold, silver, stocks, bonds, CDs and many other alternatives. But one that many people do not think about are self-storage facilities – and yet these may be an excellent way to store your wealth in an unstable America.

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